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Solano Youth Connection

Solano Youth Connection is a prevention and early intervention program serving disadvantaged Solano Children, age 0-18 years old, from low to moderate income families, who require assistance to meet basic and limited emergency-related needs. Solano Youth Connection is administered through Solano’s Family Resource Centers.



Children must meet the following eligibility criteria to qualify for the program:

  • Age 0-18 years old

  • Low to moderate family income

  • Require assistance with basic or limited emergency needs

  • Solano Youth Connection is the "last resort" (all alternative resources have been exhausted)

  • Solano Youth Connection has not provided services to the family before, and

  • Need can be adequately addressed within Solano Youth Connection funding limitations ($200 maximum per family).



Referrals must be made by public and private social service agency representatives who are providing comprehensive case plans for families, or agencies who are similarly aware of children's unmet needs within their caseloads, after all other avenues to fill those needs have been exhausted. The referring agency must be able to document which other resources were tried.


Referrals should be made by the agency or caseworker, by means of a Solano Youth Connection intake form or by calling the local Family Resource Center to inquire about the availability of funds. Because of the limited amount of resources available to the program, assistance is provided on a once-in-a-lifetime per family basis.



Because of its preventive focus and limited resources, Solano Youth Connection is not designed to be an emergency response or crisis intervention program. It is a resource of last resort to assist agencies fill a child's unmet needs, after all other avenues have been exhausted.

Solano Youth Connection
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