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Safe Children. Healthy Families. Whole Communities. Lasting Change. 

There are 92,961 children living in Solano County.

Put another way, that's 30% of the total population. 

In Solano County...

$138 M 

the costs associated with ONE YEAR of substantiated cases of child abuse 


of single mothers live below the poverty level


of children live in poverty 

The Children's Network improves the lives of children and families by coordinating and providing services that strengthen and support families now and in the future.

Our Approach

At the Children's Network of Solano County, we don’t focus on just one sector or issue.
We are creating long-term solutions that are built upon a foundation of research, partnership, and advocacy. Our approach is based on the integration of 3 fundamental elements:

Uncovering the Need




Collaborating and Coordinating


One of the most fundamental aspects of our approach is to research and uncover the current needs in Solano County.


We ask the right questions, evaluate current processes, identify gaps, and figure out what areas need the most support. 

Once we've done the research and understand the needs, we work with and support community partners to bring much-needed services to families. 


This includes direct involvement in coordinating those programs, developing funding, providing training, promoting education, and securing facilities. 

We work hard to make sure our youth and families get what they need, lifting their voices in the development of policies that impact our community.

Together with various stakeholders, we inform policymakers about the gaps in services and encourage action to address the issues identified.

Our Impact

 Over $451,000  

raised and delivered over to help  621 families with direct basic needs, like rent, utilities, food and clothing.


Families received tools and resources to help prevent child abuse.


Families received financial education, employment coaching and credit counseling, so they could achieve their financial goals.

The Solano Child Abuse Prevention Council's next meeting date is:

Wednesday, May 1, 2024 

12- 1:30 pm

Meeting Materials 

Call. Write. Chat.

(707) 421-7229

Children's Network of Solano County

827 Missouri Street, Suite 5
Fairfield, CA 94533

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