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Friends Around Table

What Role Can Neighbors Play?

Connected communities are healthier communities, and you can turn your street, your block, your part of town into a place where children are cared for and parents are supported. 


Invest a little time now creating an environment where everyone looks out for each other so that your neighbors will be more likely to come to you when there's a problem. 
Even if you're not the person emotionally closest to a parent, you're the nearest helping hand. 

What Can You Do?

Can you name everyone who lives on your street?

Even a simple introduction can make a neighbor feel like they belong

Get to know the families that live around you

Meet the kids and talk to the parents so that they know you are there if they ever need anything. Social connection and social support are the cornerstones of family well-being and child safety. 

Have a regular neighborhood block party or potluck

Go beyond a one-time meet and greet and establish lasting connections. 

Show the kids in your neighborhood what it means to be a good neighbor

Say hello when you see each other outside, and offer to do things like collect mail for someone while they're on vacation. 

Watch out for each other

If someone is sick or away for a long period of time, take turns dropping off meals or picking up the mail. If you havent seen a neighbor in awhile, stop by and check in making sure everything is ok. 

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