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This list is intended to link the child care and development workforce in Solano County to resources that may benefit them. The views of these agencies and organizations do not necessarily reflect the views of the Children’s Network.

Action Alliance for Children or 510-444-7136
Action Alliance for Children exists to inform, educate, and inspire a statewide constituency of people who work with and on behalf of children by providing the most reliable information on current issues, trends, and public policies that affect children and families.

Affordable Buildings for Children’s Development (ABCD) Initiative – Low Income Investment Fund
The purpose of the ABCD Initiative is to build a comprehensive and sustainable system for financing and developing quality center-based child care facilities in California, utilizing existing organizations and adapting a proven model from the affordable housing development system. ABCD provides financial technical assistance, grants and loans for child care centers, feasibility planning, acquisition, constructions costs, and long-term real estate financing needs.

Building Child Care or 888-411-3535
The Building Child Care (BCC) Project exists to provide a centralized clearinghouse of information and services designed to improve child care providers' access to financial resources for facilities development projects in California.

California Association for the Education of Young Children (CAEYC) or 916-486-7750
CAEYC offers opportunities for professional growth and training for early care professionals around the state. Membership benefits include: reduced fees at some local, state, and national conferences, leadership opportunities, information on current children’s issues, Young Children journal, and state newsletters.

California Association for Family Child Care (CAFCC) or 925-828-2100
The CAFCC provides educational opportunities at the local and state level that address and actively works toward meeting the child care and development needs of children, parents, child care providers, and the community. The association works toward accomplishing this purpose by: 1) Providing child care and development groups and parents with workshops and seminars on child development, early learning, nutrition, business practices, licensing and legislative updates, etc.; 2) Providing coordination of educational programs, cultural activities, consumerism, and charitable activities; and 3) Providing technical and research assistance to the child care community.

California Childcare Health Program
CCHP or (510) 204-0932
CCHP is a community-oriented, multidisciplinary organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of child care for California's children by initiating and strengthening linkages among the health, safety and child care communities and the families they serve. You can also contact their Child Care Healthline at 800-333-3212

California Early Childhood Mentor Program or 707-864-7000
Provides advanced training for experienced child care workers who wish to become Mentors to new practitioners. Mentors are paid with stipends for their commitment to this program.

California Resource and Referral Network or 415-882-0234
The mission of the R & R Network is to provide leadership and visitation for the continuous development and improvement of resource and referral services statewide, helping to build, support, and advocate for a quality child care system that supports the diversity of families and children in every community in California. The R & R Network provides research, statewide and countywide data, and additional resources.

California School-Age Consortium (CalSAC) or 415-957-9775
The mission of the California School-Age Consortium is to support and advance professionals and organizations in providing quality, affordable and accessible school-age programs. To accomplish its mission, CalSAC provides training, advocacy and networking opportunities for school-age care and after school professionals throughout California.

Center for the Child Care Workforce (CCW)/ American Federation of Teachers Educational Foundation (AFTEF) or 800-UR-Worthy
CCW is committed to providing the latest research, documentation, advocacy, training and organizing around the issues of better compensation and working conditions in the field of early care and education.

Child Care Law Center (CCLC) or 415-394-7144
The Child Care Law Center (CCLC) is a national nonprofit legal services organization that uses legal tools to make high quality, affordable child care available to every child, every family, and every community.

Child Development Division (CDD) – California Department of Education or 916-319-0800
CDD’s mission is to provide leadership and support to all individuals and organizations concerned with children. The Division undertakes to educate the general public about developmentally appropriate practices for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children in a variety of safe and healthy child care and development environments. They fund a variety of child care programs and serve as the lead agency for federal child development funds. The web site provides information about current projects and funding opportunities.

Child Development Policy Institute (CDPI)
The Child Development Policy Institute's mission is to help establish sound public policy focused on what is best for the children of California. CDPI is the leader in the child care and development field on fiscal and public policy matters, and is an advocate for children and families in the state budget process.

Child Development Training Consortium (CDTC) or 209-572-6080
The CDTC contracts with ninety-six community colleges in California, including Solano Community College, to provide financial assistance to eligible students who are pursuing career in child care/development. The CDTC provides five main program services including: Community College Reimbursement Program, Career Incentive Grants, Child Development Permit Stipends, Administrator Institutes, and Professional Growth Advisor Project. These funds are commonly used for reimbursing students’ enrollment fees, tuition, textbooks, tutorial assistance, lending libraries, paying for the application and fingerprint processing fees to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for individuals applying for any of the Child Development Permits, and conducting trainings to support the professional growth and development of child care and development professionals.

Children Now or 510-763-2444
Children Now is a research and action organization dedicated to assuring that children grow up in economically secure families, where parents can go to work confident that their children are supported by quality health coverage, a positive media environment, a good early education, and safe, enriching activities to do after school.

Community Care Licensing (CCL) or 707-588-5026
Community Care Licensing is a Division of the California Department of Social Services. The Community Care Licensing Division supervises care facilities to promote the health and safety of all persons in community care settings. CCL provides orientations for people interested in opening a child care center and the requirements/regulations for all licensed child care programs.

First 5 California Children and Families Commission or 916-323-0056
Approved by voters in 1998, Proposition 10 was the ballot initiative that established the California Children and Families Program and the State Commission, and authorized the establishment of county commissions. First 5 CA provides grants to local Commissions and communities for School Readiness, Preschool for All, CARES, Special Needs, and others.

First 5 Solano Children and Families Commission or 707-435-2965
The Commission is devoted to serving the needs of children and families in Solano County. SCCFC is specific to the birth through 4 years age group. SCCFC offers grants in areas such as direct services, planning, capital, and mini-grants. First 5 Solano funds CARES, the Environmental Rating Scales Training and Support Project, the Child Care Economic Impact Report, child care facilities development, and many other projects.

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) or 800-424-2460
NAEYC offers opportunities for professional growth and training for early care professionals around the country. The NAEYC accreditation process examines the total program. Health and safety, staffing, staff qualifications, physical environment, and administration are all reviewed during accreditation, but primary consideration is given to the nature of the child's experience. There is also great emphasis placed on the quality of interactions among staff and children and the developmental appropriateness of the curriculum.

National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) or 800-359-3817
NAFCC’s accreditation process defines the standards of quality for the field of family child care, helps parents and policymakers recognize high-quality family child care, promotes providers’ self-assessment and professional development, motivates providers to put training into practice, and serves as a cornerstone in state professional development systems.

National Child Care Information Center (NCCIC) or 800-616-2242
The NCCIC, a project of the Child Care Bureau, is a national clearinghouse and technical assistance center that links parents, providers, policy-makers, researchers, and the public to early care and education information.

Professional Association for Childhood Education (PACE) or 800-924-2460
The mission of the Professional Association for Childhood Education is to promote excellence in education and quality child care in private center-based programs. PACE offers a space to network, exchange ideas, policies and techniques amount members, helps members build enrollment, offers programs to enrich management techniques, teaching skills and curriculum, and offers legal and personnel consultation from experts in the field.

Preschool California or 510-271-0075
Preschool California is a broad-based, multi-year, non-partisan advocacy campaign to achieve voluntary preschool for all 4-year-olds in California.

Solano Community College (SCC) or 707-864-7000
The Early Childhood Education program prepares students to meet the new and stringent demands of today's child care and development programs. It offers a comprehensive study of the development of the young child as well as opportunities to learn techniques to enhance the emotional, physical, social, and cognitive needs of the child.

Solano County Child Care Planning Council
Child Care Planning Council or 707-421-7229
The Planning Council’s mission is to ensure that all families and children have access to quality and affordable child care, to ensure adequate funding for all forms of child care services, and to enhance the quality of available care. The Council is equally composed of child care consumers, providers, and public agency and community representatives. The Children’s Network provides staff support to this Council and also administers the Solano CARES Initiative. This initiative provides training incentive stipends to highly skilled child care providers in Solano

Solano County Licensed Family Child Care Association (LFCCA)
SCLFCCA 707- 552-7196
The LFCCA is designed to support the needs of licensed family child care providers in Solano County including the needs of those providers just getting started. LFCCA provides linkages and resources for family child care providers in the community.

Solano Family & Children’s Services (SFCS) or 707-863-3950
SFCS includes three main components, the Resource and Referral (R & R) Program, which provides child care referrals to families and orientations and trainings for child care providers, the Alternative Payment (AP) or Subsidized Child Care Program, which provides full or partial child care payments on behalf of eligible families, and the Child Care Food Program (CCFP) which provides reimbursement to providers that provide nutritious meals and snacks to the children they serve.

Solano Napa Association for the Education of Young Children (SNAEYC) or 707-447-5252 (Judy Synigal)
SNAEYC’s goal is to work together to advocate for the right and needs of young children and their families and to support growth and development among early childhood professionals.

West Ed or 510-326-5943
WestEd is committed to improving learning at all stages of life — from infancy to adulthood, both in school and out. The goals of WestEd include: helping all children enter school healthy and eager to learn; tailoring effective assessment strategies for states and districts; working with administrators and teams of school and district leaders to help bring about successful school wide change; enhancing teachers’ career-long professional development; and finding ways for community-based groups to collaborate and solve problems.

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