Solano Centralized Eligibility List

The Solano Centralized Eligibility List (SCEL) is an Internet based system that allows participating subsidized child care centers access to the most eligible families seeking subsidized child care services. The term "eligibility" is used because families are ranked by eligibility factors for subsidized care (income, size, and need), not just time on the list.

Benefits of the SCEL

In Solano County we have developed a centralized child care eligibility list to allow you to sign up for most child care subsidy programs at one time and in one place. In addition to assisting parents, the SCEL provides important benefits to child care programs, policy makers, and public administrators. Child care programs can use the SCEL to help them quickly identify children to fill their vacancies. Public administrators and policy makers can make better decisions about programming and resource allocation if they have data on the supply and demand for subsidized child care

Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, not all of the subsidized programs in Solano County utilize the SCEL. Programs utilizing the SCEL are Solano Family and Children’s Services (Alternative Payment Program); Benicia Unified School District; CDI/CDC (all subsidized programs in Dixon as well as Richardson in Fairfield and Dan O. Root in Suisun), and Vallejo Unified School District. If you would like your child enrolled in any of these programs, please proceed to the link to the online application below.

If you wish to have your child enrolled in State Preschool operated by Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District, Solano Community College Children’s Programs or Head Start/Child Start, you will need to contact those programs directly.

How to place your name on the SCEL

Create an account or log in to an existing account, and submit your application online.

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