County Referral

Child Care Resource and Referral for Solano County: Solano Family & Children's Services

Choosing Child Care

Both you and your child want to be as comfortable as possible with child care arrangements. There are questions you should ask yourself and the child care provider in order to accommodate this. The video "Space to Grow" outlines eight key words to keep in mind including: Safety, Health, Comfort, Convenience, Child Size, Flexibility, Movement, and Choice.

Keeping these points in mind as you choose the care provider for your child, will help assure the best possible match.

Safety and Health

  • Is the site clean and does it smell good?
  • Does the caregiver know what to do if your child is sick or hurt?
  • Will your child be protected from drugs, alcohol and violence?
  • Are you comfortable with all visitors who might come to the facility where your child is being cared for?
  • Are there enough adults to supervise children?
  • Are all dangerous household materials/medicines locked up or out or reach?

Are children fed healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables?

Comfort and Convenience

  • Does it feel good to be there?
  • Are parents welcome at site anytime?
  • Will needs of your child come before the needs of your caregiver?

Will care be available when you need it?

Child Sized

Is the facility set up in such a way to accommodate the age and size of your child?

Flexibility, Movement and Choice

  • Does the caregiver encourage exploration?
  • Are there enough choices that stand out so that infants can focus on them?
  • Is there a fence surrounding the outside play area?
  • Is this a fun learning place?
  • Will the caregiver read, sing, and talk to your child?

Are there books, toys, and games that children can play with?

Bonding and Attachment

  • Is the caregiver compatible with your child?
  • Is the same caregiver there every day?
  • Will your child be able to form a bond with the caregiver?