The Children's Alliance

The Solano Children’s Alliance is the longest continuously functioning multi-disciplinary children's service interagency council in California. The Alliance analyzes budgets and policies, makes recommendations to local and state leaders, and apportions funds earmarked for local children and families. Council members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors.


The mission of the ALLIANCE is to ensure that all children of Solano County reach adulthood having experienced a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment. The resulting sense of self-worth, coupled with equal access to resources, will empower them to develop their unique potentials, so that they mature realizing a strong sense of responsibility to self, culture and society.


The purpose of the ALLIANCE is to join representatives from city and county agencies, private and community-based organizations, and concerned citizens in an effort focused on the quality and quantity of services and programs available to Solano County children and their families.

Inherent to this purpose is:
A. Increasing communication, coordination, collaboration and cooperation among public, private, and community service providers.
B. Minimizing service duplication.
C. Identifying gaps between needs and services provided.
D. Enriching existing services.
E. Prioritizing needed services.
F. Researching the development of new services.
G. Recommending funding for services and programs.
H. Researching legislative issues and advocating for legislation to improve services to youth and families.