Strategic Plan 2014 - 2019

The mission of the SOLANO COUNTY CHILD CARE PLANNING COUNCIL is to ensure that all families and children in Solano County have access to quality and affordable child care, to ensure adequate funding for all forms of child care services, and to enhance the quality of available care.

The Child Care Planning Council of Solano County began the development of their Strategic Plan in March of 2000 and has continued to update and revise this document over the last several years. The plan is intended to guide the Council in their activities, striving to achieve their four goals (see below). The plan is fluid and flexible and changes as the needs of the community change. The plan also changes due to new legislation and policy. The Council welcomes continued input on the plan during the implementation process.


  • Advocate for a coordinated system of early education and child development services.
  • Improve the quality of early education and child development services through the implementation of a Quality Rating and Improvement System.
  • Build and sustain collaborative relationships that maximize and leverage federal, state, and local resources.
  • Strengthen and further develop the Solano County Child Care Planning Council.

Many of the strategies considered to try and reach our goals include community awareness and outreach. The outreach includes resources for families and data and research findings to influence policy makers on the need to improve the child care and development systems. We hope to achieve these goals through collaboration with community organizations, agencies, families, businesses, providers, and other participants in the community. The Strategic Plan includes many activities such as:

  • Implementing the Solano CARES program and SCTKS, which provides training incentive stipend to providers working in family, transitional kindergarten, and center based settings. The program is designed to increase the educational levels of the workforce and retain providers to improve the quality of child care and development services children receive. The implementation of the Solano County Local Quality Rating and Improvement Consortia. The consortia is focused on improving the quality of early learning in the county.
  • Advocating for increased subsidized child care funding to ensure that Solano County receives its fair share of state funding to provide quality subsidized child care and development services.

The Council works to leverage funding from a variety of sources. Current activities are made possible by First 5 Solano Children and Families Commission, First 5 CA Children and Families Commission, the California Department of Education, Solano Family and Children’s Services, The Children’s Network of Solano County, and others.

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