Reimbursement Opportunities for Transitional Kindergarten and CA Preschool Teachers

The Children's Network and the Local Child Care Planning Council are pleased to offer reimbursements for continuing education and professional development costs.

This funding is specifically for current Transitional Kindergarten and California State Preschool teachers for actual educational or professional development expenses. This may include reimbursement for credentialed teachers to complete 25 units in early childhood, or child development units, tuition, continuing education in early childhood education, official transcripts that prove the required accredited college units in early childhood education or child development, or a combination of both;and books. Please keep in mind that this funding opportunity is contingent upon available funds from the California Department of Education.

See Bill language for more information and specifs about this funding opportunity.

SCTKS forms - Please click on links

Program starts July 1, 2015

SCTKS Application




College Resources

Form W-9

Course Authorization Form

TK Profile Form

Please contact Local Child Care Planning Council Coordinator: Nadirah Jones at or 707-421-7229 ext. 110 for questions or concerns.