Local Child Care Planning Council


To ensure that all families and children in Solano County have access to quality and affordable child care, to ensure adequate funding for all forms of child care services, and to enhance the quality of available care.


The local child care and development planning councils represent a significant activity to enhance and strengthen the collaboration among children's services interest groups and agencies. In particular, the thoughtful designation of child care and development service priorities can result in targeting child care and development services to areas and populations in the county having the greatest need.


Conduct an assessment of child care needs at least once every five years. This assessment should reflect which areas need improvement and those that don't. It should also display the populations being served and those that are under served in detail. The Council should also prepare a comprehensive county-wide child care plan which addresses identified needs. Collaboration, coordination, development, and implementation are all also involved in establishing a current and useful child care plan that includes all resources available in the

Resources for Children with Special needs


Thursday, September 14, from 1 to 3pm - Agenda / Minutes

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