Resources for Advocates.

Are YOU a child advocate?

Have you ever spoken up on behalf of a child in need? Explained to a teacher that your child needs a little more help with his math, or commented to a neighbor that the kids on your block need a park to play in? Then, yes, you are a child advocate, and this is the corner of the website where you can learn more about advocacy and ways to become more involved in standing with others to assure all our children get the opportunities and supports they need.

In Solano, the Board of Supervisors has appointed advisory groups to help them develop stronger policies for children. Check out the work of the Children’s Alliance, the Child Care Planning Council, or the Child Abuse Prevention Council. All meetings are open to public: join us!


Children's Alliance

For 30 years, the Children's Alliance - a volunteer council appointed by the Board of Supervisors - has been a watch dog on services for children. Over the years, it has been a focal point for helping to improve services for children, identify and address unmet needs, and facilitate coordination and collaboration among programs. At Children's Alliance meetings, people from different walks of life - interested in promoting the best for local children - join together to craft solutions that will benefit Solano's children for generations to come.

Child Care and Development Planning Council

The Child Care and Development Planning Council works to improve the accessibility, affordability, and quality of child care countywide and to keep the community informed about child care needs. Members of the Council are appointed by the Board of Supervisors and the County Superintendent of Schools and include parents, child care providers, public agency representatives, and community members.

Child Abuse Prevention Council

The Child Abuse Prevention Council strives to protect children by informing, training, and advising the community about keeping children from harm. Appointed by the Board of Supervisors, members include representatives from law enforcement, social services, child advocacy, healthcare and government. Effective July 1, 2012 the CHild Abuse Prevention Council and the Children's Alliance merged.

Public Policy / Legislative Action

In collaboration with the three government-appointed partners mentioned above and with the Family Resource Centers, the Children's Network confronts a wide range of local and regional issues that impact families and works to promote policies that will improve the lives of Solano county's children.

Click here to see the Public Policy Principles adopted by the Alliance, Click here to see the most recent list of bills impacting children or here to learn who Solano's elected representatives are .


Our publications are designed to inform the community about the needs of children, the services that are available to help families and children, and where the gaps are.