About Us

The Children’s Network was founded in 1982 in response to community demand for better oversight of children’s services. Children constitute about one third of Solano County’s population, yet they have no vote. Our purpose is to assure there is a strong, united, independent voice for all of our children.

Who We Are

We are dedicated staff, board members and volunteers that want to make our Solano County communities a better
place for our children and families.

Our History

We have a long history of collaborating with agencies, parents and community members
to identify children’s needs and organize efforts to meet those needs.

Financial Information

Tough economic times have made their impact, making it even more important to be transparent about where our revenues come from and where they are going.

Our Publications

We produce and distribute documents to keep agencies and individuals apprised of the needs of children and what is being done in our community to address those needs.

The Children's Network of Solano County is a 501(c)3, Nonprofit Corporation.

Our Mission

Improving the lives of children in Solano County through education, advocacy, coordination of community services and community-based collaboratives.

Our Vision

All children of Solano County will reach adulthood having experienced a safe, healthy and nurturing environment. The resulting sense of self-worth will empower them to develop their unique potential so that they mature realizing a strong sense of responsibility to self, culture, and society.

Our Cultural Competence Statement

The Children's Network respects the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our staff, our clients and the community we serve. We will provide a safe and welcoming environment for all of those we work with and encourage diversity in our partnerships. We commit to learning about cultural differences and commonalities, to fostering trusting relationships, and to engaging in personal dialogue to further our growth and cultural humility.